Maggie Wilson ‘Told You So’ Post About Person Stealing From Victor Consunji

Maggie Wilson shared this post about a person who deceived her estranged husband

Model-entrepreneur Maggie Wilson has this “I told you so” post about a person who stole from her estranged husband businessman Victor Consunji.

Maggie and Victor’s breakup is quite controversial. After they announced that they are no longer together, more and more issues surfaced. Their cryptic posts also added fuel to the fire.

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The recent post that Maggie shared on her Instagram page once again caught the attention of the online community. In the caption of her post, the former beauty queen said that she already told Victor about the woman who is stealing from him but he chose to believe the other side than his own wife.

“I tried to protect you but instead you chose to believe her over me. I always had your back and best interests. A woman’s intuition is always right,” Maggie Wilson said.

She also said that the said woman used her to divert his attention and because of this, the woman was able to manipulate Victor and made him preoccupied so that she can continue stealing.

“It probably felt nice that she was kissing your feet but she was also kissing your wallet, just like all of them,” Maggie said, adding that she does not know why Victor trusted those people over her.

The model also said that it saddened her that this matter has reached this point but she is also glad that Victor was able to catch the woman red-handed. Maggie hopes that her estranged husband will wake up before things come to worst because she knows that not only that woman but there are also other people manipulating Victor.

“You’re mad at me because you know it’s the truth. Everything I’ve told you is coming home to roost,” she said. This post that Maggie Wilson shared received a comment from actress Denise Laurel who knew the woman she is talking about. The actress also had a devastating experience with the said woman.

Maggie Wilson post

In the comment section, several netizens also revealed the “woman” as they tagged the IG page of entrepreneur Lana Faith Johnson.

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