Herlene Budol Gives Squash Seeds to Miss Planet Int’l Candidates

Herlene Budol Made Miss Planet Int’l Candidates Taste Squash Seeds

Comedian beauty queen Herlene Budol made some candidates for Miss Planet International taste the squash seeds from the Philippines.

Herlene makes friends with locals and her fellow candidates in Uganda, Africa. In fact, she already gets along well with several of the other Miss Planet International contestants.

Meanwhile, she included a number of contestants on her vlog, including Miss Norway, Miss New Zealand, and Miss Czech Republic, all of whom he successfully persuaded to eat squash seeds with the aid of her interpreter. She personally brought the seeds snack from the Philippines.

Herlene Budol Squash Seeds

The candidates appeared to enjoy the flavor based on their reactions. In a video posted on the Facebook page MPI: Planet Update, Herlene Nicole Budol is shown singing and dancing to the well-known Filipino song “Moon,” which she taught to her fellow Miss Planet International contestants.

Herlene’s ability to get along and make friends despite not being able to speak English fluently amazed many of her followers. The fact that Herlene was educating her coworkers about the Philippines pleased her followers as well.

She just competed in Binibining Pilipinas and took first place. During the Miss Pilipinas Question and Answer portion, Herlene’s answer was praised.

His manager is also visible to the crowd, and as he waits for his pet to respond, he can be seen to be anxious. Herlene received a question in Tagalog from juror Cecelio Asuncion. When Herlene correctly responded to her question, her followers cheered.

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