El Filibusterismo Characters – List Of Characters In The Novel

Meet the characters of El Filibusterismo, the famous novel by Jose Rizal.

EL FILIBUSTERISMO – These are the characters of El Filibusterismo (The Reign of Greed), the second novel of Dr. Jose Rizal.

During the Spanish colonization, one of the bravest heroes whose fight against the abuses of foreigners did not involve any blood or violence was Jose Rizal. He is the country’s national hero and he fought through his words and stories.

El Filibusterismo

He wrote novels that reflected the society during his time and revealed the abuses of the friars. And next to his Noli Me Tangere novel is El Filibusterismo, which the English translation is “The Reign of Greed”. This is the second and last novel that was completed by Rizal.

Meet the characters of Fili below:

  • Simoun – he is Crisostomo Ibarra and comes back as Simuon, a wealthy bearded jeweler.
  • Basilio – son of Sisa and aspiring to be a doctor.
  • Isagani – a poet and Basilio’s best friend; the boyfriend of Paulita Gomez.
  • Kabesang Tales – former cabeza de barangay; Telesforo Juan de Dios
  • Don Custodio – Custodio de Salazar y Sánchez de Monteredondo, a “journalist”
  • Paulita Gomez – Isagani’s girlfriend and Doña Victorina’s niece
  • Father Florentino – the secular priest godfather of Isagani
  • Huli – Juliana de Dios; Basilio’s girlfriend and Kabesang Tales’ youngest daughter
  • Ben Zayb – his real name is Abraham Ibañez and he is a journalist
  • Placido Penitente – a student in University of Santo Tomas
  • Quiroga – a Chinese businessman
  • Old Man Selo – the father of Kabesang Tales
  • Father Fernandez – a friend of Isagani who is a priest
  • Attorney Pasta – a lawyer, one of the greatest during the mid-Hispanic era in Manila
  • Padre Sibyla – a Filipino friar and vice-rector of the University of Santo Tomas


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