Martin Nievera On Having A Special Child: “I’m so proud and scared”

Martin Nievera emotionally talked about his son Santino

Concert King Martin Nievera said that he is proud but at the same time scared to have his special child, his son Santino.

During a recent guesting on ABS-CBN’s morning talk show Magandang Buhay, Martin emotionally talked about fatherhood, especially having Santino who is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

 Martin Nievera

The seasoned singer admitted that it was a challenge for him but he feels blessed to be a father to Santino. Martin said that he spent a big portion of his life entertaining people. When he had Santino, he is literally entertaining his son every single day in order for him not to see the world as an ugly one.

The singer wanted the public to understand that this is a life-long situation and so it is the best thing to do to understand it and not apologize for it. He also shared that he frequently goes to the States in order to fulfill his duty as a father to Santino. Martin Nievera said that there is a certain bond between him and Santino that makes him think that maybe when he was younger he was also on the spectrum.

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It is because he understands his son. “In the spectrum world of autism, I seem to understand,” he shared. The singer also wondered why special kids always gravitated toward him even before. “Now, I know why, because I have one,” he said.

I have a special child and I am so proud — so proud and so scared at the same time because I’m not going to be here forever,” Martin said emotionally. He is worried about who will take care of Santino if he is already on his own.

The singer added that people may not understand until this kind of situation will happen to them also. “I’m still here to entertain everybody but my real life is a challenge, and that’s why I am always in the States so I can co-parent this special child,” he said.

Martin’s two older sons Robin and Ram are also helping him in taking care of their younger brother.

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