UV Express Driver Fistfight vs Motorcycle Rider Due to ‘Gitgitan’

Video of UV Express Driver Fighting Motorcycle Rider Due to ‘Gitgitan’ Goes Viral

An intense fistfight between a UV Epxres driver against a motorcycle rider due to ‘gitgitan’ on the road goes viral on social media.

After becoming enraged over a traffic incident, two drivers got into a fistfight. The chaotic scene was captured on camera near Taft Avenue in Quirino Manila City.

UV Driver Rider Gitgitan

GMA News reported that the two became violent because of a “gitgitan,” or traffic problem. The two clashed, sparking a violent brawl in the middle of the busy road.

According to the video, the driver of the Utility Vehicle (UV) Express is the man in the green shirt, and the motorcycle rider was his opponent.

The two’s altercation resulted in heavy traffic and delays for other drivers. According to the report, they fought for a minute before being separated by other drivers and law enforcement.

One of the most frequent issues today in many nations throughout the world is road rage incidents. It typically causes problems for those who are involved and congests the roadside traffic.

The majority of traffic conflicts are caused by aggressive and irate drivers. Additionally, the authorities urged motorists to drive more cautiously and with the least amount of tolerance possible.

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