Randy Santiago Shed Tears to Baron Geisler over Doll House Film

Randy Santiago Admitted Crying to Film of Baron Geisler Doll House

Veteran actor-comedian Randy Santiago admitted that he shed tears at the drama film of Baron Geisler the Doll House.

The drama movie “Doll House,” featuring Baron Geisler and young Althea Ruedas, is currently the hot topic online. Three days after its launch on the streaming service, the aforementioned movie is the most popular one in the Philippines on Netflix.

Randy Santiago Doll House

As of Monday night, according to a snapshot from the producer MAVX Productions and the Netflix home page, the Marla Ancheta-directed movie was still the most popular movie in the area. Baron’s performance here and his touching story with the young actress Althea Ruedas surprised many online viewers.

Because they were brought to tears while watching it, some people have already labeled Baron with their “weeping reveal” tag. Several celebrities in the entertainment industry, including Randy Santiago and Aiko Melendez, who are also idols of the actor, have praised and congratulated Baron on his performance in this scene.

Randy commented that it is a must-watch and that he also cried while viewing it. He admitted that while watching the movie, he sobbed so hard that he used up one roll of tissues.

“Congratulations brother @baron.geisler , @althearuedas , cast and direk Marla. Isang rolyong tissue paper ang naubos ko kaiiyak (crying emojis). Ganda ng Doll House (clapping+highfive+heart emojis),” said Randy in his message to Baron.

Geisler has been sharing pictures on Instagram from friends and fans tagging him in “Doll House’s” successful Netflix premiere, including compliments on his and his co-stars’ performances. Baron is really appreciative of the remarks.

“Yun oh! Salamat sa pag-follow. Paabutin natin ng 100K ahihi. Also please send mga iyak reveals naman jan. Ang cute-cute niyo. Gusto ko po kayong yakapin isa-isa. Di po kami sadista, sadyang nakakaiyak lang po ang film,” said Baron in his Instagram stories.

The plot of “Doll House” centers on Rustin (Geisler), a musician who abandons his rock star lifestyle in order to reunite with his past in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He ends up working there as a day caregiver for a girl named Ruedas, which starts him on a path to redemption.

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