Drive-Thru Customer Swearing at Manager after Asked to Wait Goes Viral

Video of Drive-Thru Customer Swearing at a Fast-food Manager after Asked to Wait Criticized

An angry customer was caught on video swearing at a fast-food manager after he was allegedly asked to wait for his order in a drive-thru.

The majority of consumers preferred to order and frequently ate at the restaurant decades ago, thus drive-thrus were an afterthought in the fast-food sector. You probably have certain expectations if you find yourself in the drive-through lane of your preferred fast-food restaurant: nice service, a short wait, an accurate order, and high-quality food.

Drive-Thru Customer Swearing Manager

Meanwhile, a video of a customer cursing at a fast-food restaurant manager posted on the Facebook page Visor went viral on social media. As his order was still seven minutes away, the client in the SUV began to criticize the management after being forced to relocate to a parking place.

Based on the video, he was instructed to move by the manager to serve the others in the drive-through queue. The customer, however, lost control and started to dispute and act haughtily with the management.

The male customer continued to be irate and cursed at the female manager despite her repeated assurances that his order will be served. He even threatened to dismiss the manager the following day.

“Ggo ka. Nagda-drive thru kayo papupuntahin mo ako doon?! Alam mo magkano gasolina? Nag-iisip ba kayo? Ggo ka. Manager ka? Kausapin mo mga tao mo ha. Kung wala kayong drive thru patanggal n’yo na ‘to. Maghanap ka na ng trabaho mo bukas” said the customer.

The video shared on social media has gone viral and earned various reactions from netizens. Internet users were incensed by the customer’s haughtiness in criticizing the manager even though he only asked to wait.

Some have ridiculed and disparaged the drive-thru patron. However, several online users defended him and agreed with his treatment of the fast-food employee because they had similar experiences.

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