Man Jumps From Overpass in EDSA Ayala Caught on Video

Man Caught On Camera Jumping From Overpass in EDSA Ayala

Video of a man who seems to be frustrated caused traffic along EDSA Ayala after he allegedly jump from an overpass.

Nowadays, depression is one of the biggest issues, not just in the Philippines but in many other nations around the globe. Some people who are depressed even commit unacceptable things resulting in to end of their lives.

The subject matter experts have previously exhorted individuals to show greater compassion and tolerance toward those who were experiencing despair. Depression claims the lives of a great number of individuals worldwide.

Man Overpass EDSA Ayala

A worried internet user released a video of a man who is said to have leaped off an overpass at EDSA Ayala. The man, who appears to be depressed, waits a short while before jumping.

The man in the video jumped out of a moving car and crashed. In the EDSA Ayala tunnel, the man who leaped from the flyover can be seen lying with his eyes covered in front of the wrecked vehicle.

According to the report, the event made traffic sluggish. According to reports, it occurred at 6:41 in the evening. The video has received a lot of feedback from the internet community and has gone viral on social media.

Different responses to the trending video have been expressed by online users. Additionally, internet users pointed out that depression is not a joke and that those who are experiencing it should get treatment or speak with someone to prevent incidents like these.

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4 thoughts on “Man Jumps From Overpass in EDSA Ayala Caught on Video”

  1. People committing suicide do not fear God. That is why we need God in our lives. Proverbs 9:10 Fear God is the beginning of wisdom. If we fear God, we will love ourselves and most especially God, who created us. We should not think of ending our lives because God gave us life to live, so we could praise Him, honour Him and glorify Him in Jesus name.

    • Can we just stop justifying suicide with faith and beliefs. I respect you and your religious beliefs but stop rubbing it in everyone’s faces. Depression is an uncontrollable mental disorders, one of many disorders and isn’t some joke. It’s so disrespectful.

  2. to those who kept on invalidating what the person felt I hope you will never experience what the person suffered from.
    it’s easy to you all to say that.


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