2 PWD Hold-up a Construction Worker in Quezon City, Arrested

2 PWD Arrested After They Hold-up a Construction Worker in Quezon City

Police authorities arrested two (2) persons with disability (PWD) after they allegedly hold-up a construction worker in Quezon City.

GMA News reported that the victim was walking in Barangay Commonwealth on his way home when he was stopped by suspects on a motorcycle. He claimed that the suspects grabbed his smartphone and brandished knives at him.

PWD Hold-up Quezon City

The victim quickly went to the barangay guard and requested assistance after losing his phone. The suspects were apprehended by the police who arrived right away. The suspects were apprehended, according to Police Lieutenant Colonel Morgan Aguilar, commander of the Batasan Police Station, because the motorcycle they were riding had a technical problem and was unable to run.

“Buti na lang naabutan. Kasi hindi umaandar ang motor ng mga suspek. So napag-alaman din na medyo nakainom itong mga suspek,”said Aguilar.

The two suspects’ disabilities were discovered when they were taken to the Batasan Police Station. When the police hired a sign language translator, it turned out that she previously taught the suspects.

Aguilar added that it transpired the interpreter had previously worked as their SPED teacher. According to the report, they were, therefore, determined to be both deaf and mute. The suspects were given sign language explanations of their legal rights.

The suspects claim that they committed the crime because they were inebriated and had no money to buy more alcohol when their supplies ran out. As a result, they considered committing a robbery at this point.

The victim’s smartphone, the knife that was used, and the suspects’ motorcycle were all confiscated by the authorities. The victim made the decision to file a robbery case against the suspects.

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