Bibingka with Macapuno Featured In The New York Times

This time of the year, Bibingka with Macapuno is a must-eat

The New York Times featured the famous Filipino delicacy bibingka with macapuno which is extra popular during this time of the year.

Traditionally, the Philippines has the longest holiday season. Filipinos start this as early as September or the beginning of the “ber” months. During this time of the year, certain foods or delicacies are getting more attention, like the bibingka and puto bumbong.

bibingka with macapuno
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One of these two famous Christmas delicacies was featured in The New York Times. Based on the article in, Filipino-American writer Ligaya Mishan wrote about this and her article was published on September 28.

The bibingka with Macapuno or rice cake is described by Mishan as “fluffy, fragrant, and perfect to share with friends” and for her, the topping is “the jellylike flesh of prized mutant coconuts.” The writer said that she is already familiar with bibingka as a “cake traditionally made with rice flour and coconut milk and baked to supreme fluffiness over banana leaves in a terra-cotta oven.”

On the other hand, Mishan said that she never had a bibingka before that is “so dainty, built to fit in the palm of the hand and be devoured in three bites.” The Filipino-American writer also shared that the bibingka was made by baker Ray Luna who trained as a nurse, just like many Filipinos in the U.S.

Luna opened a coffee shop called Mountain Province in Brooklyn and his bibingka recipe was from his lola or grandmother and it was the first Filipino dessert he included on the menu.

Aside from bibingka with macapuno, other ingredients are also featured as toppings such as butter, salted egg slices, and shaved fresh coconut. Over the years, Filipinos have created their own versions of bibingka.

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