Natural Light Examples – Different Sources Of Natural Light

These are the different natural light examples. Take a look at them below!

NATURAL LIGHT EXAMPLES – Any object that emits its own light is considered a source of light and here are some examples.

Daylighting or natural lighting is a technique that brings natural light. And in terms of natural light, there are a lot of natural sources. The common source is the sun and the light from the sun is not only beneficial for health, wellbeing and a good source of Vitamin D, but also one of the main factors needed for a plant’s photosynthesis.

Natural Light Examples

Apart from sun, here are some of the sources:

  • Lighting – This natural phenomenon emits a light which is formed due to imbalance of positive and negative charges.
  • Animals – The kinds that emits a natural light include jellyfish, angler fish, viperfish, luminous plankton, and many others.
  • Plants – There are some variety of plants that are actually capable of emitting light known as bioluminescent plants.
  • Insects – Fireflies, glow worms, and various other insects produce light.
  • Stars – There are different stars and all of which produce light along with galaxies and quasars.
  • Magma from volcanoes – They are hot but they clearly have light.

Meanwhile, in house designing, what most customers asked is for their homes to have a natural lighting. This technique gives off a warm and aesthetic vibe. It is also budget-friendly and very efficient in terms of electric cost.

Natural lights can create a comfortable environment, regulate the body clock, improve concentration, and pose a tranquil setting. And inside a person’s home, natural lighting can come from three sources: direct sunlight, internal reflection, and external reflection.


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