Citizen Rodrigo Duterte Figured in Minor Motorcycle Accident

Ex-President Duterte Involved in Minor Motorcycle Accident

Former President Rodrigo Duterte says he was figured after he hit his security personnel during a minor motorcycle accident.

On September 29, Duterte disclosed that he experienced another motorcycle accident at the PDP-Laban National Assembly. He claimed to have lately had vertigo and been involved in a motorcycle crash.

“Nadisgrasya kasi ako…nagkaroon ako ng vertigo noong isang araw. Nag motor, nadisgrasya na naman ako. I had two minor accidents,” Duterte, who is 77 years old, said.

Duterte Minor Motorcycle Accident

He claims to have collided with one of his security officers while they rode a motorcycle. Based on the report, he claimed that due to his peripheral eyesight, he had instructed them to run stride behind him.

“I drove on the highway..tsk…nabunggo ko iyong security ko. Sabi ko kasi do not run a stride with me, because my peripheral vision…l was looking at a distance; sabi ko, diyan lang kayo sa likod,” said Duterte.

“Nabunggo ko iyong security ko. Mabuti after the MRI [magnetic resonance imaging], lahat lahat, okay naman siya. Lumipad talaga eh,” he added.

Then Duterte claimed that even though his associates have since advised him against riding a motorcycle again, he still feels compelled to try. He clarified that while he shouldn’t try it again, you should try it again if you start to feel nervous. If not, the nerves will remain with you.

“At that time, ayaw na ng mga security, iyang si Bingbong. Pero kapag napasukan na ng kaba, sumakay ka ulit. Kasi kung hindi ka sasakay ulit, forever ka na matakot eh” Duterte said, referring to former executive secretary Salvador Medialdea.

Right now he is using a three wheeler to travel around different places. It can be remembered that in 2019, Duterte stopped using two wheels after he lost his balance while riding a motorcycle inside Malacañang.

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