Bela Padilla Declines A Project, Netizen Says ‘Humble Bragging’

Bela Padilla had to turn down an offer

Actress Bela Padilla revealed that she declined a project and though this received positive feedback from her fans, there were netizens who thought that she does not need to post about this.

Bela is one of the prominent actresses of her generation. Aside from acting, she is also a writer and had her directorial debut last year for the movie she wrote 366. Currently, Bela is based in London but she still accepts projects in the Philippines.

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Previously, the actress recalled the time when she was jobless after moving to Europe. Apparently, right now, she was able to adjust and cope with her situation in the said continent.

In a recent Twitter post, Bela Padilla shared that she received an offer to do a certain project that she did not specify. However, the actress said that she chose to turn down the said offer and it is because of the character that for her, felt so familiar.

Was offered a show a few days ago that I decided to respectfully decline because I felt like the character and storyline were both too familiar to me already,” Bela shared. The actress added that after the pandemic, she has become more aware of the things that are more important to her.

I’m happy that after the pandemic, I’ve learned to choose what is essential to me now,” she said. Bela received support from her fans. Netizens wrote in the comment section that they are proud of her because she chose to do what makes her happy.

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However, netizens who commented on the popular showbiz site slammed Bela Padilla for posting this. They pointed out that it is no need for the actress to post about this. Some said that she is just bragging that she has now the capacity to decline a project.

On the other hand, there were those who defended her by saying that it was her Twitter page and so she can post whatever she wants. Here are some of the comments.

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