VP Sara Duterte Speaking Mandarin Elicits Reactions Online

Video of VP Sara Duterte Speaking Mandarin Goes Viral

Video of Vice President Sara Duterte greeting the People’s Republic of China in the Chinese language Mandarin goes viral.

VP Sara got roasted on social media for wishing Happy National Day for the 73rd founding anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. Many users complained that Duterte’s accent and poor intonation made it difficult for her to be understood and even put listeners in danger of being offended.

Jerry Gracio to VP Sara Mandarin: “Parang butchikik without music”

Jerry Gracio Chides Video VP Sara Duterte Speaking in Mandarin

Kapamilya writer Jerry Gracio chides the video of Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio speaking in Mandarin to greet the People’s Republic of China.

Jerry Gracio, the nominee for the failed Kapamilya party list, tweeted his opinions over VP Sara’s Mandarin speaking. A video of the vice president wishing Happy National Day to the People’s Republic of China was posted on Facebook by the Chinese Embassy in Manila.

Jerry Gracio Sara Mandarin

Huang Xilian, the Chinese ambassador to the Philippines, and citizens of China were also highlighted in Duterte’s greetings. On October 1, the People’s Republic of China will commemorate its National Day, one of its most significant holidays.

One person who didn’t appear impressed by the vice president’s Mandarin-speaking was Gracio. He claims that the other is making difficult-to-understand videos that refer to President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and that the other speaks Mandarin that sounds suspiciously like Butchikik without music.

“Yung isa, in the difficult moments, nagva-vlog; ‘yung isa naman, nagma-Mandarin,” Gracio said.

“Jusko, tuwang-tuwa ang mga utaw sa Mandarin speech na parang pagbigkas ng Butchikik without music,”he added.

Additionally, several internet users took issue with Duterte’s Mandarin speaking. Some people assert that she is simply making an effort to speak the language. Some suggested that VP Sara deliver the speech in either Filipino or English, along with subtitles.

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