Tulfo Flags AFP Generals Allegedly Using Soldiers as Errand Boys

Tulfo Calls Out Generals Using Soldiers of AFP as Errand Boys

Senator Raffy Tulfo questioned the Department of National Defense (DND) for allegedly using soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) as errand boys.

While discussing the proposed budget of the DND next year, Tulfo criticized the alleged slavery of some generals to some soldiers. Tulfo, certain AFP top officials are allegedly treating some soldiers like “errand boys”

“Let me remind you, guys, na kahit na gaano kaganda yung ating  mga military hardware equipment, it is as good as the people behind them, yung mga taong nag o-operate noon sa dapat high-morale yun mga tauhan natin,” he  said during the hearing of the Senate finance  subcommittee.

“And having said that kasi may na observe ako, a couple of years ago, yun bang mga pupunta ka sa bahay ng mga heneral, ginagawang boy yung mga sundalo. Huwag naman po. And I know that for a fact, and you guys can’t deny that,” Tulfo added.

Tulfo Soldiers Errand Boys

He believed that soldiers’ main duty was to guard and defend the country and its people, not to do errands for generals. He emphasized that soldiers are taught how to use firearms.

“Ang mga sundalo po trinain yan, nag invest  yung ating gobyerno kung pano humawak ng baril, pano dumepensa para labanan  yung mag enemy forces to defend our country, kung papano sila humawak ng maayos ng baril, hindi  po para humawak ng  walis,” he said.

He emphasized it should stop that practice pleading that he doesn’t want to hear that again, based on the article of Inquirer. He continued by saying that, according to what he knows, there are three, four, or five soldiers who are being used as errand boys in the generals’ home.

Jose Faustino, Jr., a senior defense undersecretary and officer in command, pledged that the matter would be looked into and, if found to be accurate, that the soldiers would be immediately removed.

“Sa ilalim po ng aming pamumuno ngayon dito sa DND, we will comply. We will investigate the matter also and we will direct the AFP to pullout kung anuman po ang ma-findout namin sa aming hanay,” said Faustino.

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  1. Absolutely true…i knew someone becoming chef, after 20 years of service, not by fighting rebels to defend our country, hence by serving his commander to prepare food in breakfast, lunch and dinner..


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