Emilio Aguinaldo Contributions – What Are His Achievements?

Here are some of Emilio Aguinaldo contributions and a brief discussion about his life.

EMILIO AGUINALDO CONTRIBUTIONS – A look at the life story of former Filipino leader Emilio Aguinaldo and his achievements.

Filipino politician and military leader Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy lived from March 22, 1869, until February 6, 1964. And as told in History subjects, he played an essential role in the Philippine Revolution. His parents are Carlos Jamir Aguinaldo and Trinidad Famy-Aguinaldo.

Emilio Aguinaldo
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He is the first president of the independent Philippines. The late president was married twice – to Hilaria del Rosario (m. 1896–1921), and María Agoncillo (m. 1930–1963) and he has a total of five children.

Aguinaldo was born to a wealthy mestizo family in Cavite and he was the seventh of eight children. He attended Colegio de San Juan de Letran for his elementary and secondary but before he could even receive his high school diploma, he had to drop out due to his father’s death. He had to stop to help his mother manage their family’s agricultural holdings.

In politics, he started from being Cavite’s capitan municipal on January 1, 1895. He joined Katipunan in 1894. This organization was made to remove Spain from the Philippines.

Emilio Aguinaldo
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In March 1897, he was elected president in an event in Tejeros but Andres Bonifacio refused to recognize the results due to a possibly fraudulent poll. Two months later, through Aguinaldo’s orders, Bonifacio and his brother were killed and charged with cases such as sedition and treason.

Check out some of his contributions and achievements:

  • leader of the Philippine forces against Spain during the Philippine Revolution and the Spanish–American War
  • military leader against the United States during the Philippine–American War
  • he served as president of the Tejeros Revolutionary Government from March 1897 to November 1897
  • he served as president of the Republic of Biak-na-Bato between November and December 1897
  • first dictator of the Philippines from May to June 1898
  • President of the Revolutionary Government from June 1898 and January 1899
  • 1st president of the Philippines from January 1899 to March 1901


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