Janno Gibbs Lambasted Netizen Lashing His Remarks to VP Sara

Janno Gibbs Reacts to Netizen Criticizing His Tirade Against VP Sara Duterte

JANNO GIBBS – The singer lambasted the netizen who criticized his tirade against Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio on social media.

The musician ‘nakipag-bardgulan’ with a netizen on Instagram after the latter chastised him for reacting to Duterte’s secret fund. Janno was one of those who made light of the secret financing that Vice President Duterte received from congress, which totaled hundreds of millions of pesos, in his article this past week.

“Pag nag-withdraw ako ng 100k sa bangko at tinanong ako ni misis “Para saan yan?” at sinagot ko ng ‘confidential’ basag ang mukha ko!” Janno said.

Janno Gibbs Sara

Since the confidential fund deals with sensitive issues like security and intelligence collecting, an audit is not required for it. While Maui Taylor and Quezon City Councilor Aiko Melendez laughed at Janno’s post, other Duterte fans took offense to the singer’s criticism.

One internet user insulted Janno and claimed that the musician only draws attention so that he may criticize Duterte. Janno criticized the online user in return. He claimed that because it is the money of the people, they have a right to know where the fund will be used.

“Hoy pu**ang***mo! Unang una wag kang bastos! Pangalawa, pera ng taumbayan yu. May karapatan tayo malaman saan mapupunta g*g*,” Janno furious response to the netizen.

The netizen also inquired as to Janno’s lack of criticism of former DILG Sec. and former President Noynoy Aquino. Mar Roxas comments on the Yolanda Funds’ fate. Janno retorted that he couldn’t attack Aquino and Roxas because he didn’t have Instagram previously.

Recall that Duterte received a P650 million clandestine fund, which he claimed was required to address the government’s present issues. This includes instructors who mistreat their pupils and organizations that nudge pupils toward joining illegal organizations.

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