Senators Files Bill Prohibiting Online Gambling in the Philippines

Senators Push Bill Prohibiting All Online Gambling in the Philippines

Senators have filed a bill prohibiting all kinds of online gambling in the Philippines amid abduction cases.

Joel Villanueva, the majority leader in the Senate, favors outlawing all forms of internet gambling in the nation. The Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO), who are allegedly responsible for a string of kidnapping events in the country, are at the center of this controversy.

Online Gambling Bill

Senate Bill 1281, also known as the “Anti-Online Gambling Act,” proposes a fine of up to $500,000. In addition, the law calls for up to six months in prison for anyone found guilty of engaging in online gambling.

“This bill seeks to prohibit online gambling and the placing of wagers or bets through the internet or any form of online gambling activities to prevent further deterioration of morals and values, encourage people to work instead of relying on a game of chance, stop addiction and save lives,” he explained in the television interview.

Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel III immediately endorsed the idea and urged legislators to work together to pass it. Congress has a moral obligation to outlaw POGOs in light of the multiple negative repercussions that we are already witnessing. Pimentel stressed that we should act right now.

Malacañang, he argued, ought to heed the call to outlaw POGO in the Philippines. The legislator believes that the continuous use of POGOs in the nation is risky because it has the potential to seriously undermine both peace and order.

“The continued operation of POGOs in the country is dangerous. It is mine to harbor would-be criminals and gangsters that can eventually cause massive disruption of peace and order in the country as we are beginning to see now with the spate of kidnapping incidence and other violent activities related to POGOs,” he said.

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