Ryza Cenon Cries Huge Water Bill: “Ano kami may carwash?”

Ryza Cenon Air Dismay to Maynilad Over Whooping Water Bill

Shocked actress Ryza Cenon slammed the Maynilad water services after receiving a whooping water bill.

The actress was taken aback by her water bill this month, which came to 120,955.62. The artist revealed in her post that although their bill for the previous month was only P3,680, their water bill had tripled when it arrived in September.

Ryza Cenon Water Bill

Ryza shared her opinions on the subject. She displayed her water along with the above-mentioned payment amount. She claims that they cannot use that much water because their current water supply is insufficient.

“Ano kami may carwash? 10pm-4am nawawala na ng water samin. Tapos ang hina hina ng tubig namin from 5am-9pm. So paki explain Maynilad Water Services, Inc. from 3,680 last month ngayon 120k?!!!?????” said Ryza.

Ryza shared a video of her daughter Night taking a bath in a miniature inflatable pool in another Facebook post. They should first save their faucet because it is rumored that the water flow from it is weak. Maynilad has not yet provided an update on this problem.

Recently, the Metropolitan Waterworks Sewerage System (MWSS) has been defending Maynilad as the supposed last public announcement of the upcoming, half-month-long water service suspension in several areas of Metro Manila. According to the concession agreement, the water concessionaires must be able to inform customers 48 hours in advance of any planned water service interruptions.

Additionally, MWSS Chief Regulator Patrick Ty claimed that MWSS needs to do more because not everyone receives text messages sent to Maynilad customers. A resident of Barangay Bagong Silangan, Quezon City, claims that they had no information when the water supply outage began last week.

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