2 Men Arrested After Attacking an LGBTQ Member in Batangas Bar

Police Arrest 2 Men for Attacking an LGBTQ Member at a Bar in Batangas

Police authorities arrested two (2) men for allegedly attacking a member of LGBTQ at a bar in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Two individuals were detained after conspiring to harm a member of the LGBT community at a resto bar in Brgy, Bucana Nasugbu, Batangas, according to a report from the Nasugbu Municipal Police Station. Nasugbu, Batangas, and Bucana. The victim was identified as Chaddy Anne Maxian y Perez, 26, by the Nasugbu Municipal Police Station.

Men Attacking LGBTQ Batangas

John Carlo Zion, 22, and Daniel Consigo y Barrios, 24, both Brgy residents, were named as the suspects by the police. Nasugbu, Cogunan, and Batangas. The investigation determined that the suspects reportedly hit the victim in the face after an argument sometime about 2:00 in the morning on September 6.

The argument allegedly intensified when Zion abruptly approached Maxian with the kids to report the victim who was allegedly shoved by the accused, according to an interview with Brigada News FM Batangas to Nasugbu MPS. The victim allegedly suffered an abrupt assault from the suspect.

The victim’s companion reportedly attempted to pull the two apart, but nothing happened before the suspect abruptly punched them. They allegedly ran into difficulties at that point because Consigo, the second suspect, also punched the victim.

The restaurant bar instantly ejected them, but Consigo lost his cool and tried to force his way inside. The victim and his coworkers allegedly faced threats from the suspect.

The victim and the suspect were both transported right away to the closest hospital for a physical. Meanwhile, it’s thought that both the accused and the victim had drank before the incident. Authorities are now keeping the suspects in their custody.

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