Former Batangas Vice Mayor Shot While Giving Speech at Birthday Party

Still Unidentified Suspect Shot Former Batangas Vice Mayor during a Birthday Party

Former Batangas Vice Mayor Romeo Sulit was shot by a still unidentified person while he was giving a speech at a birthday party.

Daily, there are several instances that take place. Some of these are unfortunate incidents that were not foreseen before they had transpired. These include both accidents and those incidents that were seemingly-planned by another person or group of people for various reasons.

These incidents usually leave the target or the victims either injured or dead – and their families grieving and crying for justice. Some cases bearing these situations have already been solved while others are still under investigation. Among the people who have fallen victims to seemingly-planned incidents are businessmen and politicians.

Recently, in Lobo, a former Batangas Vice Mayor was added to the list of public servants who were shot for a still unidentified reason. He was at a birthday party when the incident happened.

Former Batangas Vice Mayor Shot
Photo Credit: Puritan Blog

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, former Batangas Vice Mayor Romeo Sulit was giving a speech at a birthday party he attended when he was shot by a still unidentified suspect. Lobo Police Chief Police Captain Roy Cuerva said that the former Vice Mayor was shot closely who was wearing a face mask and a cap.

Sulit was an incumbent secretary of Sangguniang Bayan. He obtained a wound in his head and the suspect managed to get away from the area. The victim was brought by the police to Lobo District Hospital before he was transferred to Batangas Medical Center in Batangas City.

However, the next day, the former Batangas Vice Mayor passed away. The police authorities are still investigating the incident to determine the identity of the suspect and the motives behind the incident. More updates may be posted soon.

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