Meryll Soriano, Joem Bascon On How Parenting Changed Them

Meryll Soriano and Joem Bascon talked about a very important role they are playing

Actress Meryll Soriano and actor Joem Bascon talked about how parenting changed them and the happiness they get from portraying their role as mother and father.

Merryl and Joem’a baby turned one last year. The actress had her first son Elijah with her former partner Bernard Palanca. Being a mother again at the age of 38 was an amazing journey for the actress, she said previously.

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The parenting also brings her a certain kind of happiness that she will always treasure. Based on the article in Inquirer, during a recent interview, Meryll said, “I never thought it would feel this blissful.”

This is how the actress would describe her life now with her sons Elijah and Gido and with her partner Joem Bascon. Meryll Soriano said that she is really appreciating the presence of her partner in her life now. She said that she could not survive without him.

The actress is also thankful that Joem is doing his fatherly duties to her son Elijah. Since Elijah is a boy, Meryll has no idea about certain things when it comes to raising a son. She is thankful that her partner is taking this part. “I’ve been a single parent for so long. I have no idea what to do with a mustache or beard, or what deodorant someone like him (Eli) should use. I’m glad he has Joem to consult about things that are unique to men,” she shared.

Joem said lockdowns in 2020 really gave them a chance to spend more time together. He said that it was easy for him to create a bond with Elijah because he took care of Meryll’s son when he was 2 years old. Joem and Meryll first dated 12 years ago. As Elijah is now a teenager, Joem shared that they bond because they have the same interest in video games and clothes. “He would also consult me on what workout routine suits him,” the actor shared.

When it comes to their son Gido, Joem said that he wants to give his full attention to their baby. As a father, he wants to witness his son’s milestones. With this, he said that he is really embracing his role as a father. He also admitted that leaving his family for a long period of time due to lock-in tapings is hard for him. In order for him to spend the whole three months with his family, Joem said he is really saving up.

Meryll Soriano said that her son Gido is lucky to have Joem Bascon as a father. She also said that the pandemic has given them time and space to become parents. “I saw how fatherhood changed Joem and how this made us closer as a couple,” the actress added.

The actress also said that for the second time being a mom, she said that she is more intense now. She shared that she is taking breastfeeding seriously. Her role as a mother can be draining at times but looking at her baby, her mood changes in an instant.

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