Marshmello x Coke Zero Flavor Limited Edition: Is It Worth The Hype?

Marshmello x Coke Zero flavor will be available soon

Marshmello x Coke Zero Flavor – Coca-cola Philippines has released a teaser that featured its collaboration with American music producer Marshmello for this limited edition flavor.

Through a social media post, the soda company shared a video on August 7 revealing the Marshmello x Coke Zero collaboration, based on the article in Initially, it was intended to be released officially on August 15.

marshmello x coke zero
📷: Coca-Cola

However, as early as August 7, reportedly, some people have already seen this product n local convenience stores and supermarkets. Because of this, people’s curiosity was aroused and so they went to the nearest stores and supermarkets to have a taste of this unique collaboration between the soda company and the music producer.

Reportedly, people who have tried this collaboration have mixed reactions. Some had positive feedback while some said the opposite and there were also those who just thought that it is just another marketing strategy.

marshmello x coke zero

A can of this Marshmello x Coke Zero Flavor is worth P44 while some who bought this in supermarkets claim that it costs P34. The price of the original Coke Zero ranges from P30 to P45. The size of the can is still the signature slim 320-ml cans of Coke. However, the label is dominated by white and not the usual trademark red color of coke.

Marshmello’s signature headpiece is drawn on the can with the phrase, “The Artist Marshmello’s Limited Edition.” There is also a QR code that leads to the Coke Creations webpage. On the site, one can access Marshmello’s latest track titled “Numb.”

How does it taste? For sure it does not taste like a marshmallow. As it is stated in the can, this limited edition product tastes like a mix of watermelon and strawberry. However, when you pour it into the glass, it is not the color of watermelon or strawberry. It still has the same color as the regular Coke.

Remember, drink it while it’s cold because when it is already room temperature, it tastes and feels like drinking cough syrup.

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