Young Siblings Start to Earn 6-Digit Income After Quitting Job

Young Siblings Quit Their Job to Focus on Business & Now Earns 6-Digit Figure Per Month

Three young siblings are already earning six-digit income after quitting their job and becoming an inspiration to other netizens.

The three siblings are now owners of a sticker shop, cosmetic shop, and cookie shop. Their business venture started when the eldest sibling Jamaica Verceles quit from his day job to focus on her sticker shop business.

The second sibling Janeeva Verceles also start a cosmetic and skincare shop while the youngest sibling is now a full-time baker and entrepreneur.

Young Siblings

Jamaica is only one-month old in her sticker business when she quit her day job way back in March 2018. The latter decided to quit her job to earn more money for her family as she became the breadwinner.

The sticker shop owner’s move influenced her two other sisters, which pushed Danice to focus on her pastry business after working for almost three years as an HR officer. Her company imposed a work-from-home setup and decided to return to baking.

Young Siblings

Young Siblings

Danice tried splitting her time between her two jobs as a full-time employee and a baker. The HR officer decided to quit the job and her sisters encouraged her to pursue her dreams although it won’t be easy at first.

Meanwhile, Janeeva tried to juggle her work with her small business for a while before deciding to resign from her regular job. It took her more than a year before she filed a resignation from her company.

Young Siblings

Currently, the three siblings are now enjoying the fruits of their hard work and renting a two-storey house that serves as an office studio while serving as breadwinners of their family.

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