VIDEO: Cherie Gil’s Emotional Apology To Vice Ganda Resurfaces Online

Watch Cherie Gil Emotional Apology To Vice Ganda Here

CHERIE GIL – Late actress Cherie Gil humbly apologized to Its Showtime host Vice Ganda over her ‘scums of the earth’ tweet in 2013.

Cherie Gil or Evangeline Rose Gil Eigenmann in real life is an award-winning actress. She was dubbed the “La Primera Contravida” because of her excellent performance as a villain not only in tv series but also on the silver screen.

With Cherie’s passing, netizens once again recalled her emotional apology to Vice Ganda. It took place on It’s Showtime where Cherie was one of the judges on the performances of the hosts.

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This is related to Cherie Gil’s tweet to Vice Ganda in relation to the way he made fun of some personalities during her concert “I-Vice, mo ako sa Araneta.” In the video, the veteran actress thanked Vice for giving her the opportunity to know more about his true character.

The message of Vice’s song is about equality. Many were touched by Vice’s performance. Even Cherie was touched by his song which led her to ask him for forgiveness regarding what she said on Twitter.

“To Vice Ganda: you are one of those scums of the earth. Shame on the Filipinos who laugh at such insensitivity and tactlessness,” Cherie wrote.

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Photo Source: Youtube

Cherie Gil’s post backfired. She admitted that after her Twitter post, she got a lot of hate tweets. She said, “It is not the image but the message we give to inspire people.”

“Thank you, Vice Ganda, so much for letting me get to know you today in the deepest most real sense, in your most honest being and for letting me to get to know you as a person through that song. You touch my heart.”

Vice was in tears. As for the comedian, there is no need to ask for forgiveness because it is Cherie’s right to share her opinion.

Watch the video below:

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