Ivana Alawi “Mabenta Sa Mga Espanyol”, Here’s What She Said

“A Family Affair” actress Ivana Alawi shares her experience with men during their vacation in Spain.

IVANA ALAWI – Kapamilya actress Ivana Alawi shares that her skin color is attractive to Spanish guys and she is flattered by it.

The 25-year-old actress and vlogger Ivana Alawi was previously in Spain having a vacation with her entire family. They spent some days there and as seen in their social media posts and video, they loved every moment they spent in Spain. She was with her mom Fatima Marbella and her siblings Amira, Hashim, and Mona.


They all shared picturesque sites and breathtaking views of Spain. They also went on an adventure trying out mouthwatering delicacies and finding interesting finds in the area. And in her recent vlog, she mentioned something about how her beauty captured lots of attention in the land of Spanish guys.

“Ang kulay ko ang pinakamabenta dito!” she quipped in her vlog. She’s trying to find one guy for her sister Amira but her “mestisa” look is accordingly not “mabenta” to them.


She then added, “Pero, gusto ko lang ikuwento sa inyo na, I think, pang-Spain pala ang mukha ko, at saka ang kulay ko, mata ko. Lahat talaga. Ang mga lalake rito, talagang gutom na gutom sa akin! Hahahaha!”

Alawi shared that men there are bit aggressive opposite to the shy Filipinos. There are instances where a random guy would ask for her number.


She went on with her narrative, “Totoo talaga. Tawa nang tawa ang nanay ko. Pero, ang mga lalake talaga rito, kung ano-ano ang ginagawa sa akin. Ang iba, kumakagat ng labi, tapos gumaganun (inviting gestures using her fingers).”

“Sabi ko, no, no, no, you cannot get my by biting your lips. Hahaha!”

Watch the new vlog below:


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