Fake Cop Shoots Helpless Street Dweller Who Spits in His SUV

FAKE POLICEMAN – A fake cop has been caught on camera shooting a helpless street dweller in Quezon City.

On Tuesday (July 5, 2022), an innocent street dweller suffered wounds and injuries after he was shot by a uniformed individual in Quezon City. The suspect is wearing a police uniform during the incident.

In the video, it can be seen that the homeless man is walking along D.Tuazon Street in Quezon City. The street dweller secretly spat at the SUV of the person in uniform in the parking lot.

Fake Cop

The suspect got furious after learning it and shoot the victim without hesitation. The uniformed personnel get inside his vehicle and leave the area after the incident. The victim has been rushed to the hospital after suffering gunshot wounds in his neck and shoulder.

An unnamed witness reported that he was shocked after hearing gunshots. He saw the street dweller’s action and told the SUV driver about the latter’s condition. However, the suspect still shoots the victim.

The police authorities launched a follow-up operation and arrest the gunman. The cops were able to identify the vehicle’s plate number and locate the suspect with the help of CCTV footage.

The police authorities also learned that the suspect was just only posing as a police officer. The suspect will face corresponding sanctions and penalties.

“Nalaman namin di pala tunay na pulis to, yung uniporme niya ay nabili niya lang online,” Galas Police Sttion Commander Police Lt. Col. Richard Ang said.

The fake cop will face frustrated homicide, illegal possession of firearms, and usurpation of authority.

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