Alex Gonzaga Tests Mikee’s Faithfulness In New Video

Did he pass the test? Here’s a new vlog of Alex Gonzaga doing this prank on her husband.

ALEX GONZAGA – Celebrity vlogger Alex Gonzaga tries how her husband Mikee Morada would react to this situation.

Actress-host Alex Gonzaga is one of the top vloggers in the country with millions of followers. She is married Mikee Morada, a businessman and politician. Through her vlogs, we get to see some parts of her life like her travels and random days.

And one of the content she usually uploads is doing pranks on people close to her. Her latest victim, as seen in her newest video, is her husband. This prank she just pulled on him took her three years to finally do it. She also found a perfect accomplice to achieve her prank.

Laboching, one of her friends, became her accomplice as she planned to test Mikee’s loyalty to her. The situation is Laboching should do some flirty moves and advances on her husband but of course, with her approval. She set how far she can go in her advances.

And Laboching is seemingly a perfect candidate to do it. She did her role well and the viewers actually praised her because she really did push the button. Her actions were triggering but Mikee, on the other hand, is firm. She would hug him, smell him, cling to him, sit on his lap, and many other acts that make them close together.

He is not rude to her but he has his ways of showing his disapproval. He would just gently pull her away and there were times when he would look at his wife as if asking her to rescue him. It is seen in his facial expression and body language that he does not approve of the actions of his wife’s friends.

Watch the full video below:

Here are some comments:

Galing ni Laboching. natural ang acting.

Ate Laboching was very professional, she also deserves some recognition. Love her aura also.

Pinapakita talaga ni Sir Mikee ang somewhat Neutral na sides nya. Both for his wife and his new friend!

“Catherine ohh” hahahha ang kyyuut ni kuya mikee.

Makikita at mafefeel mo talaga ang reaction ni Sir Mikee.


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