Construction Worker Dies After Portion of Soil at Construction Site he is Working in Capiz City Collapsed

CAPIZ CITY – A poor construction worker has passed away after a portion of soil collapsed in Capiz City.

Over the past few days, the isolated rainshowers severely affected some parts of the Philippines. The inclement weather condition triggers flooding and even soil erosion in several areas.

Flood and soil erosions can cause damage to properties and even death to the victims.

Construction Worker

Recently, the lifeless body of a construction worker named Rodel Delfano has been recovered by his fellow employees at a construction site after being covered with soil. Delfano died after a portion of the soil collapsed.

According to the reports, the latter is performing his work at the site near the wall he constructs. About four feet of soil collapsed and covered the helpless worker, which leads to his untimely death.

The rescuers immediately rushed the construction worker to the nearest hospital but he was declared dead on arrival. The victim’s family does not plan to file charges against the construction firm.

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Construction Worker

Soil erosion is an action or process which involves the removal of soil, rock, or dissolved material from one place from the crust to the other. One of its factors is water, hence, the removal of soil via water is called water erosion. Water, however, comes in many forms. 

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