“LANGYA KAYO BEN&BEN” is trending on Twitter because of the new song Langyang Pag-Ibig By Ben&Ben. Here are the comments.

LANGYANG PAG-IBIG BY BEN&BEN – Filipino band Ben&Ben releases a new song called “Langyang Pag-ibig” and netizens have these reactions.

The people making up the Ben&Ben band are known heartbreakers but not in the way you are thinking. They break hearts through their songs and they are loved for putting all the right words to the feelings we sometimes cannot name.

They make the songs we would love to play and listen to during a long drive, a rainy day, or any other moment that calls for introspection. They make love songs that tell us how beautiful it is to be in love and how heartbreaking would be an understatement to describe the pain of a breakup.

And just recently, breaking more hearts is their song “Langyang Pag-ibig”, the latest that they have released that is currently trending online.

Langyang Pag-Ibig ‘yan
Ang Daming Mong Isusugal
Kung Balak Mo Akong Iwan
O, Ba’t Mo Pa’ko Minahal?

That’s the line of the intro and chorus that speared right through the hearts of the listeners. With all these unexpected breakups and cheating stories filling the headlines online in the past few months, this song tells a lot about those people “na hindi pinanindigan”.

#BenAndBen, #LangyangPagibigOutNow and Langya Kayo Ben&Ben became trending topics on Twitter. Many could relate and this tells also that many are “hindi pinanindigan”.

Here are some comments:

how unique this Langyang Pag-ibig is oHMYGOD LANGYA KAYO BEN&BEN

they said what it should be,,,,

reminded me of John’s “Life is full of sweet mistakes and love is an honest one to make.”

Upbeat song with emo hugot lyrics is really my jam.

Miguel, Paolo, Pat, Agnes, Poch, Keifer, Andrew, Jam, and Toni compose the band and some of their hit songs are “Leaves,” “Maybe the Night,” “Pagtingin,” “Kathang Isip,” “Lifetime,” and latest single “Upuan.”


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