Tricycle Driver Struggles to Feed His Family Due to Surging Fuel Prices

A poor tricycle driver is trying to fit his P150 income to feed his entire family for two whole days due to the surging fuel prices.

The increasing prices of petroleum products including gasoline, diesel, and kerosene causes a significant impact on the prices of products and services in the country. Fuel prices play a very important role in the country’s economy.

The consecutive oil price hike over the past few months contributes to the daily burden of Filipino people especially those who were using public vehicles for a living and to individuals using private vehicles to reach their point of destination.

Tricycle Driver

Several trike drivers have been struggling with the surging fuel prices and tried to buy less meat and vegetables. Most of them reiterated that a large portion of their earnings goes to fuel instead of food to feed their families.

A trike driver named Kevin Angeles is trying to fit his P150 budget to feed his wife and three children for two whole days. He stopped buying raw foods from the market and buys ready-to-eat food from eateries.

“Bibili na lang po kami ng kahit na 1/4 halimbawa nung repolyo…Tapos bibili na lang din kami ng 1/4 na karne o kaya manok. Dati araw-araw namamalengke naman kami pero kasi yung bilihin kasi nun dati mura pa,” Angeles said.

Another driver identified as Bugoy Cael also stopped purchasing raw food products at the market to pick up more passengers. The drivers are pleading to reduce the prices of petroleum products.

Here are some of the comments:

Tricycle Driver

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