Reckless Car Driver Rams Helpless Motorcycle Rider Beside the Road

Reckless Car Driver Caught on Camera After He Rams Helpless Motorcycle Rider at the Sidewalk

Another reckless car driver earns criticisms online after he rammed a helpless motorcycle rider beside the road.

Nowadays, road accident has been one of the most common traffic problems not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. It usually causes injuries and even death to the victims.

The Philippine government is already implementing stricter rules and regulations to prevent such incidents. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of hard-headed and reckless motorists violating the traffic policy.

Reckless Car Driver

Over the past few weeks, the viral hit-and-run incident in Mandaluyong City has been the headlines of various local news outlets. The police authorities are still waiting for an arrest warrant to arrest the suspect.

The Facebook page “Filipino Community” has shared the video footage of another hit-and-run incident involving an SUV driver and a motorcycle rider. The video goes viral and garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be that a grey SUV occupied the sidewalk and nearly hits several pedestrians waiting for public utility vehicles. Unfortunately, the reckless driver rammed the poor rider staying on the sidewalk.

The SUV driver dragged the poor motorcycle rider and immediately run away after the incident. The suspect escaped as if nothing happened. The rider probably suffered serious wounds and injuries.

Reckless Car Driver

The video has a caption:

“Dahil sa sinabi ni PLTGEN Vicente Danao Jr. na “Natakot kaya tinakbuhan”. Isa na namang kaso ng pananagasa ang naganap kanin”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

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