Diego Loyzaga Confirms He’s Dating Franki Russell

DIEGO LOYZAGA – Actor-model Diego Loyzaga finally admitted that he’s dating former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Franki Russell.

Diego Loyzaga is the son of veteran actors Cesar Montano and Teresa Loyzaga. He’s also a well-known showbiz personality in the Philippines. He has starred in several movies such as “Mama’s Girl” and “Bl*ody Crayons.”

It has been 6 months since Diego and Barbie Imperial announced their split. Though they did not disclose the cause of their breakup, they said that they ended their relationship on good terms.

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Diego Loyzaga was recently spotted with Franki Russell, an ex-Pinoy Big Brother housemate. What fueled the rumors apart from their snaps is Franki’s thoughtful birthday greetings for the actor. The post was deleted by the female personality a few minutes after.

The 27-year-old actor previously said he and Franki were “not a thing” and he wanted to be single but in his recent interview with Rico Robles, a DJ for Monster Radio RX 93.1, he finally settled the real score between him and Franki.

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On Youtube, Monster Radio RX 93.1 uploaded the video of their recent interview with Diego Loyzaga. In the video, the DJ asked the actor what his real status now after being linked to Franki.

Diego began by sharing that he and the female personality first met at Yassi Pressman’s game show, Rolling In It. He said he and the ex-PBB housemate had a lot in common and that they have caught up with each other plenty of times.

“We had so much in common, and so we were talking a lot and we were like, ‘We should catch up some time.’ It just so happened that I was going out of town, and we caught up a lot of times before leaving town and I was like, you know what, I’m gonna take a shot in the dark here even though I said that I wanna stay single. I said, ‘Even as a friend. Ilocos as a friend.’”

Photo Source: Inquirer

When asked about the real status between him and Franki, Diego finally confirmed that they are indeed dating, stating that the two of them just “clicked” with each other.

“Well, you know what, I’m a hypocrite. I said I wanted to focus on myself but I guess these things, you don’t expect it eh. It just really comes along and ever since meeting up with her, hanging out with her, it hasn’t stopped. We really did click so I would definitely say that right now, we’re dating.”

Watch the video below:

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