Lady Vendor Bursts Into Tears After Caught Transferring Water Into Plastic Bottles in Unhygienic Way

The viral lady vendor released an official statement after she was caught transferring water into plastic bottles in an unhygienic way.

Last week, a netizen named Virmil Talattad shared the video footage of an elderly vendor transferring cold water into plastic bottles in an unhygienic way. The video goes viral and earned criticism from the netizens.

The street vendor scoops cold water from a styro box using her bare hands and a plastic cup as she transferred it into plastic bottles. She was performing her act behind her stall wherein bottled water was sold to customers.

Lady Vendor

Talattad was just buying a buko juice nearby when he witnessed the vendor’s act. He filmed the incident to raise public awareness.

The 74-year-old female vendor identified as Bebita Manigos of Cainta, Rizal explained that she was not selling it and just use it as ‘bath water’. “Nagsasalin talaga ako dahil sobrang init, binuhos ko sa ulo ko tapos pupunta ako sa bakanteng lote nililigo ko,” Manigos said.

The vendor even bursts into tears after her children scolded her after the controversial video circulates online. Talattad also apologized to the vendor for posting the video without her permission. “Sorry po kay nanay, pasensiya na,” Talattad said.

Department of Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergiere also advised the public to check the water’s quality before purchase. Nature’s Spring also instructs the public to always check the cap seal.

Lady Vendor

The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

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