Here’s the fun and adventure-filled vacation of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla with Alora in Thailand.

KATHRYN BERNARDO – Kapamilya superstars Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla with Alora roam Thailand.

The countries are now allowing tourists from other countries amid a pandemic but still with strict compliance to health protocols. And Kathryn Bernardo surely grabbed this chance to finally travel again after not having to in the past years because of closed borders and lockdowns.

Around the time of her anniversary with real-life boyfriend Daniel Padilla, Kath went to Bangkok mainly to visit and see the elephants again personally. If you are an avid fan of Kath, you surely do know that elephant is her favorite animal.

She spent her first day with Alora. They tried to grab a meal in Jay Fai, a Michelin restaurant, but their first attempt failed them because it was close. They also tried some sips of milk tea and went to Platinum Mall, the equivalent of Divisoria in the Philippines.

They also hopped from one bookstore to another where they bought lots of reads. On the second day, DJ made it to Thailand. They went to Chang Mai, visited a temple, and did other activities. They also visited the elephants. They’ve had a long way to get into this area of what appeared like a natural habitat for elephants.

They took a bath with the elephants and it was clearly evident in Kath’s smile that she loved it. She loved being with elephants.

Kath and DJ with Alora also visited a few shops where they ate desserts and bought some condiments to be brought to the Philippines. And during their last night, where she and DJ were left alone together as Alora returned ahead of them, they successfully made it to eat in Jay Fai.


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