Watch the fun vlog of Ivana Alawi with her siblings.

IVANA ALAWI – Celebrity vlogger Ivana Alawi shares her fun food trip in Thailand with her siblings Mona, Hash, and Amira.

Travel is never not fun. And for us whose two years have been stolen by the pandemic and the lockdowns, it’s finally time to reclaim it. Slowly, the world is trying to live with the virus. There may be restrictions still but rules are starting to get loose. We can now go out and travel to other places and countries.

And as for Ivana Alawi, as she did some meetings and business in Thailand, she and her siblings also grabbed the chance to travel and have a vacation. She and her siblings Mona, Hash, and Amira roamed the streets of Thailand and their fun was documented in a vlog.

They went to the floating market where they tried different foods. They also bought other things and souvenirs. They also dropped off in a restaurant where she loved the food. She also made her siblings try the Thai Durian which she also loved because of its creamy texture.

It can be seen in the vlog that they really had fun. They bonded together and their trip was filled with laughter. Mama Alawi wasn’t able to come with them because she had to attend to their business and take care of their only nephew.

It wasn’t included in the vlog but they also went on a street food hunt and they also planned to visit the Platinum Mall.

See their fun vlog below:

Ivana is the country’s top vlogger and also one of the fastest to rise in that specific field.


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