Piolo Pascual Makes Intriguing Statement That Caught Online Attention

Here’s the intriguing statement of Piolo Pascual that caught attention online.

PIOLO PASCUAL – A-list actor Piolo Pascual catches social media attention by making this intriguing statement and here are some comments.

Kapamilya heartthrob Piolo Pascual has released a short video previously as he officially announced his endorsement and support for VP Leni Robredo. He talked about the importance of unity and how it makes the Filipinos help each other during difficult times such as during the time of the pandemic.

Piolo Pascual
Photo Source: @piolo_pascual IG

Unity for him is when no one gets left behind and when people are all in this together for a better society. And he also stressed that unity is not forged among the political dynasties for their own interests. And ever since, he’s always been supportive of Robredo from the beginning of her vice presidency.

And now, with a few days left until the election day, the actor made an intriguing post online that caught much attention. He did not mention any specifics but he did share a thought that people should ponder upon and seems like the thought is very timely.

In his post, the Kapamilya heartthrob expressed, “Hindi pwedeng pumikit na lang at umasang pagdilat natin, nagbago na ang mundo.”

Piolo Pascual Post
Photo grabbed on Twitter

Here are some comments:

Boboto tayo sa Mayo 9 para sa tunay na pagbabago!

See you sa Miting de Avance please!!

Kailangan tumindig, kumilos at manindigan.

Papa P hindi po pwde na pumikit muna… kitakits muna tau sa sabado!

Thank you for speaking up, Piolo!

Pascual is among the large cluster of famous and influential celebrities supporting the presidential candidacy of Robredo who is running with Kiko Pangilinan as her vice president.


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