Suspected Thieves Dug Hole From Drainage to Mall Toilet in Rob Attempt

Mall Security Guards Caught Suspected Thieves Who Dug Hole From Drainage to Mall Toilet in Attempted Robbery

MONEY HEIST STYLE – Several suspected thieves allegedly dug a hole from drainage to a mall’s toilet in an attempted robbery.

Some suspects in an apparent robbery attempt imitated a scene from Money Heist to perform their illegal activity. The thieves tried to rob an establishment while it was closed for business operation.

A source has shared several photos showing holes in the wall, ceiling, and floor of a comfort room. The holes were reportedly connected to a drainage system outside the mall.

Suspected Thieves

The suspects dug a hole from drainage to a mall’s toilet. The suspected thieves crawled from the drainage to the toilet to enter the mall. However, the security personnel of the mall noticed the infiltration.

The mall’s security staff noticed the suspects and immediately made action. The security was able to prevent the robbery, according to San Pablo City police station Police Lieutenant Garry Alegre.

“Naghukay po sila and then napasok po, Ang kagandahan po nito dahil sa… ating mga security po, ay na-alert agad at na-flashlightan sila. And then tumakbo po sila agad pabalik. Wala pong nakuha, nobody got hurt and no item reported was lost,” Alegre said.

The mall management also vowed to cooperate with the police authorities in the investigation.

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Suspected Thieves

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