Bal Falcone’s Platforms & Accomplishments | May 2022 Elections

Bal Falcone’s Platforms If He Wins Senator & Accomplishments

BAL FALCONE’S PLATFORMS – Here are the accomplishments of the Democratic Party of the Philippines senatorial bet Bal Falcone and his plans if he wins. the May 2022 Election.

Seven days from now, the Filipinos are set to vote for the new president, vice president, and set of senators in the Philippines. The 2022 Elections will be an automated poll using the Smartmatic machines. There are 10 candidates for the presidency, 9 for the vice presidency, and 64 bets vying for a seat in the Senate.

Some of the candidates for senator are incumbent officials in the government. Other bets have previously held positions in public office while others are from other fields – like Bal Falcone.

Bal Falcone's Platforms
Photo Credit: The Manila Times

Personal Background:

Baldomero Cordero Falcone was born on September 19, 1944 in Hindang, Leyte. He is a Catholic and is a son of a judge and a school teacher. He is a graduate of AB Liberal Arts at Sacred Heart Academy in Palo, Leyte and Master of Arts in Philosophy at the University of St. Carlos in Cebu. He also took “MBA” at Asian Institute of Management.

Falcone is married to Alice L. Falcone with whom he has four (4) sons. They are currently residing in Marikina, Metro Manila.


Bal Falcone was the president of Millennium Industrial Commercial Corporation which covered the reclamation projects in Cebu. A 400-acre fish pond in Cebu City was reclaimed and the toll bridge that connects the reclaimed land to the city proper was built. He is also a former vice president of Global Interphase Security Services Provider, Inc. which provide foreign assignments to retired officers. At least until 2013, he was the executive director of Sagip Bansa Filipinas Foundation, a foundation that provides job and housing assistance. He is also a writer and the author of the book entitled “Christian Economics: The Philippines’ Developmental Ideology”.

Bal Falcone’s Platforms:

  • support reform in the government for equal opportunities between the rich and the poor in vying for a post in public office
  • supports the elimination of the pork barrel to end the political dynasty

Political Party:

  • Democratic Party of the Philippines

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