This is why Carla Abellana is not voting for a Marcos.

CARLA ABELLANA – Kapuso actress Carla Abellana shares the real and fearful story of her family experience during the Martial Law.

It has been written and recorded in history that Martial Law devastated the country. To recall, Martial Law was declared by the deceased dictator and former president Ferdinand Marcos. And this year’s poll became extra controversial because Bongbong Marcos Jr, the dictator’s son, is running for the highest position in the country.

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While many doubted his capacity and qualifications to become president, there are still people and famous personalities who endorsed and supported him. But among the groups who strongly denied him supports is Kapuso actress Carla Abellana who just previously declared that she’s a “Kakampink”.

“Kakampink” is the term called for the people who are supporting the presidential bid of Vice President Leni Robredo and pink is also her political color. And stating one of the reasons why Abellana is not voting for a Marcos, she shared a story on her IG story and narrated what his grandfather has experienced during the Martial Law time.

Accordingly, her grandfather was detained by the Marcoses because they wanted their family’s 25-hectare private property. His grandfather did not do anything wrong or illegal to be detained. He was held against his will but “luckily”, he was able to come out alive and did not disappear.

Carla Abellana

Sam, her cousin, stated on the IG story she reposted, “During Martial Law, my grandfather (like many other) was detained against his will. He didn’t do anything wrong or illegal. He just had a good business and some land that the Marcos administration wanted to take over.”


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