A and An Use In English Grammar – Correct Usage and Sample Sentences

The A and An use, some sample sentences, and some guides about proper usage.

A AND AN USE – Here are some tips on how to correctly and properly use “a” and “an” in English grammar and some sample sentences.

The rule for using “a” and “an” in English sentences to some is easy but really, it’s quite confusing and complicated than you’ve ever thought. The basic rule is to use “a” before the words that start with consonants and “an” for words that begin with vowels.

A and An Use

However, how about those words that start with consonants but sound like a vowel? Does this basic rule still apply? Should it be “a hour” or “an hour”? What sounds more correct is “an hour” but it seems like “a hour” is read more correctly. Now, what to do in cases like this?

When using “a” and “an” in a sentence, what you should follow is the sound of the words. Use “a” if the sound of the following words is a consonant sound and “an” if the words that follow have a vowel sound. So, should it be “a hour” or “an hour”? The correct answer is “an hour” because “hour” has a vowel sound.

The same rule is applied to “a historian” and “an honorable” fellow just like with “a Utopian idea” to “an unfair judgment”.

Here are some sample sentences:

“a” sentences:

  1. I need a name for this little puppy.
  2. We need someone to express a eulogy.
  3. You are a gift from heaven.
  4. A university with horror stories.

“an” sentences:

  1. The sound of an elephant filled the venue.
  2. I need an essay about the current events in politics.
  3. She needs an hour to fix herself for the date.
  4. He’s an FBI agent.


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