Remembering “Mambo Magsaysay”, First Presidential Campaign Jingle In PH

Do you have an idea what is Mambo Magsaysay?

The Mambo Magsaysay is considered to be the first campaign jingle that was created for the presidential race in the 1950s in the Philippines.

Campaign jingles are one of the most common propaganda of politicians to bring their platforms to many people as possible, aside from the fact that it can create a perfect recall for voters with the catchy melody and lyrics.

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Based on the article in Interaksyon, the use of campaign jingles in the country can be traced back to the 1950s. The Museo ni Ramon Magsaysay stated that the Mambo Magsaysay, composed by Raul Manglapus for the late president was the first campaign jingle for the national elections in 1953.

Back then, Magsaysay was running against Elpidio Quirino, the incumbent president. “In order to make Magsaysay’s campaign more vibrant and to attract more voters, his supporters created songs with simple messages and inviting tunes,” the museum stated in a Facebook post last Tuesday.

The lyrics used a combination of English and Tagalog that made it more unique and catchy, the song talked about the efforts done by Magsaysay as a Defense Secretary. “Corruption and the dirty 1949 elections were emphasized. In Lanao province, for example, many precincts had more votes than the population recorded in the 1948 census,” the museum said.

It also shared that in order to convince the Ilocano voters, it was translated to their language. The Ilocano version was sung by Lucas Paredes as his known character, “Lolo Hugo. This was intended to attract the votes that could Quirino get from his fellow Ilocanos.

Listen to Mambo Magsaysay.

However, based on the article, the first-ever politician who used a campaign jingle was former Manila city mayor Arsenio Lacson and the song was “Lacson Mambo.”

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