The end goal is to marry and Gabbi Garcia and Kahlil Ramos have this to say about each other as partners.

GABBI GARCIA AND KAHLIL RAMOS – Kapuso real-life couple Gabbi Garcia and Kahlil Ramos share what they love about each other and the secret to last long.

For Gabbi Garcia and Kahlil Ramos, whatever they are doing now is something they are sure that’s leaning towards marriage. They see being with each other at the endpoint of all of that and to date to marry is really their intention from the very start.

They have been together for almost five years already and they’ve been through a lot of ups and downs only to end up with each other. As for the two of them who have maintained a great team as a couple, the key is communication. They like talking out their feelings, what they like, what they don’t like, what annoys them, their dreams, their aspirations, and where all of these things are leading. They like expressing themselves and they both believe in the magic and power of communication.

“From the get-go, from the start of our relationship until now, we always sit down and communicate our feelings,” says Gabbi. One more thing also that kept them stuck to each other is the friendship – the whole of their relationship. They also love the fun part of their relationship and the fact that they understand the individuality of one another. They got to navigate their differences and find the equilibrium of their chemistry that led them to this point in their relationship.

As for Kahlil, being with Gabbi taught him how to have a direction in his life. He used to be the type who is just going with the flow. But with Gabbi, she taught him “how to really go from this point in your life and move forward; you have to be intentional, you have to know your purpose, and you have to know what you love doing.”

And for Gabbi, she sees the opposite of it on how he affected her life when he came into it. Being Kahlil made her learn how to be calm in certain situations and to listen. He taught him to give things she cannot control a go because it’s the reality, one cannot control everything.

In an interview with Mega, Gabbi explained, “He would often tell me that. ‘Can you control that? No? So, let it go.’ He taught me how to just really be calm and live in the moment.”


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