Residents Got Surprised After Ton of Skipjack Tuna Beached Along Shore in Sarangani

Ton of Skipjack Tuna Beached Along Shore in Sarangani

The residents of Maasim town in Sarangani got surprised after ton of skipjack tuna beached along the shore.

The Philippines is currently suffering from the effects of the COVID-19 restrictions, which was implemented to prevent the further spread of the respiratory disease in the country.

Many Filipino people are also struggling with their financial status because their jobs and livelihoods were affected by the health safety protocols. However, several citizens still manage to find an alternative way to get food.

Skipjack Tuna

The local fisherfolks in the town collected at least one metric ton of skipjack tuna or loclly known as isdang sambagon. The fishermen threw their nets into the sea shore and catch a massive amount of fish.

The nets were got torn and damaged due to the massive volume of isdang sambagon caught on the sea shore. The huge tuna fish were swept by the water into the shoreline of Purok Kanayan, Barangay Dilao.

The residents of the area have started to collect as much as they want. Each fish is weighing around five to ten kilograms. The abundant catch happened last Thursday (February 3, 2022).

Skipjack Tuna

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

The massive appearance of sea creatures has been linked to irregularities underneath the ocean while the occurrence of deep-sea creatures has been linked to impending calamities, according to Japanese folklore.

However, there are still no solid evidence that could prove those claim.

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