Kristine Hermosa On Reason Why She Walked Out When Oyo Proposed

This is the real reason why Kristine Hermosa walked out when her husband now proposed to her.

KRISTINE HERMOSA – Here’s the love story of Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa and the reason why she walked out in the middle of his proposal.

Each love story is orchestrated by God uniquely in his own mysterious ways. We might not see the purpose initially or at the surface of it but we surely know that He works well and His works are amazing. And as for celebrity married couple Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto, theirs is unique.

Kristine and Oyo started out as mere co-workers and love, the first time they met, did not instantly hit them. It took them a while to really get attracted to each other. Oyo has been hearing stories about attitude problems of Kristine but he believed otherwise after knowing her. She, as per him, is the total opposite of the rumors about her.

At 27, with the money that he got, he bought this ring for her with two purposes in his mind so it won’ go to waste – to propose to her or give it to her as a gift. During that time, they are already close to each other and have already built a deep connection. They’ve shared their personal stories, she joins him to church, and she already met his family. They have the attraction on their hands but no label was called to name what they have.

He just felt the urge to marry her in a very random moment. He just followed his guts. Unprepared and unplanned, he went to her on bended knees, with the ring in his hands, his cousins and friends around them, and with the question asking her to marry him. In a state of shock and succumbed to real confusion as to how everything immediately got whacked up because of his proposal when they don’t even have a label, Kristine walked out.

She walked out and prayed. She walked out with shaking thoughts as to how she would handle matters as urgent as that. And after over five minutes of praying and contemplating, the pressure got her mind made up. She went back and said “yes” despite having many questions inside her head.

And looking back to all of those, she is happy to say now she had nothing she regretted about.

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And here are some of the comments of the netizens:

Ang unique pala ng love story nila. Sino ba naman makakapagsabi na pwede palang ikasal ang walang label? This so unique. This should be in the movie.

I really admire this beautiful couple! How God orchestrated their love story, nakakaamaze!

She was willing to walk away from a job that she loves to be a full time mom

The Sottos really are raised well by their families. I really admire their family for raising Oyo to be the man he is for his family.


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