Angeli Khang Do “Laslas” Due to Physical Abuse from Korean Army Father

Angeli Khang Shares She Does “Laslas” Due Physical Abuse from Father

Daring young actress Angeli Khang shared she does “laslas” (cut her arm) due to physical abuse experience from her Korean Army father.

Angeli Khang, one of the major cast members, admits to being physically abused by her own Korean father at the online media conference for the film “Silip sa Apoy.” Because her character in the film was an abused wife, the actress was questioned if she had ever suffered abuse in real life.

“I’ll be completely honest. I was abused by my dad for years…physically abused,” Angeli said.

Angeli Khang Physical Abuse

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She said that her father, a member of the Korean army, assaulted her while she was in his custody. According to the actress, she arrives at school with bruises and wounds, but her justifications to her professors and classmates surprised her.

Angeli was hesitant to complain to her instructors because of the abuse. She is also said to have self-injured as a result of the situation. When the instructor saw her cut, the actress said, she said she could no longer control herself and revealed her story.

“Until one day, siguro, answered prayer na nakita ng teachers ko ’yong mga cuts ko sa wrist and she asked me why, kung anong nangyari. And I just burst out kasi it’s really hard for me to open up, to call someone dahil I know na uuwi ako sa taong nang-a-abuse sa akin. I was really scared. I was very entrapped,” she shared.

Angeli emphasized that she slashes her arm as a method to communicate her feelings and the agony she feels on the inside. Despite knowing that cutting herself is wrong, she continues to do it since it makes her feel good.

“Whenever I feel pain…hindi s’ya pain for me. It’s hard to [explain]. Pag may mga taong nakakakita ng mga cuts lagi nila sinasabing emo but when you’re on that situation, cut is something like…nae-embrace n’ya ’yong… Parang doon ako nagiging comfortable and I know that it’s not right,” she said.

“Nu’ng pina-psychiatrist ako doon ko na-realize na it’s not normal for me to think, to fantasize about death, about killing or anything about bad things,” Angeli added.

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