Ryan Bang and Yeng Constantino Closure, Truth About Song “Chinito”

Netizens react to closure of Ryan Bang and Yeng Constantino in Showtime but here’s real story behind “Chinito” song.

RYAN BANG – Celebs Ryan Bang and Yeng Constantino found closure in Showtime but here’s the truth about her hit song “Chinito”.

People online were shocked to know the history of Ryan Bang and Yeng Constantino. The actor admitted that the singer was really his first crush. He tried to pursue her but in the long run, got tired of it thinking that she doesn’t like him. However, for Yeng, it’s not the case. All his efforts for her then were something she appreciated until apparently, she got fond of him. The reason why she got very confused when he just suddenly stopped doing all of those.

Watch the clip below:

As such, many people assumed that the hit song “Chinito” was written by Yeng for Ryan but as it turned out, the real story behind it was that it was written inspired by Meteor Garden. Also, Jed Dumawal was the one who wrote it. But another song is now being connected to their story, the song entitled “BABAY”. It’s about ghosting because as it turned out, Ryan ghosted her.

Yeng Constantino

Here are some amused reactions of the people after inkling Ryan to her hit songs “Chinito” and “B A B A Y:


hoy wait, so ryan bang and yeng liked each other before but didn’t end up together because they weren’t able to tell their feelings to each other???


I was today’s years old that the song ‘chinito’ was for Ryan Bang. So much lesson learned and I’m very happy after 12 years you guys finally got your closure.

B.A.B.A.Y song ni yeng para kay ryan pala to omg mala taylor swift vibe ni yeng

y’all should hear B.A.B.A.Y. of Yeng. I think para kay Ryan Bang rin yon. It’s about ghosting too haha



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