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Lady Netizen Exposes Negative Impact of “C0c0mel0n” YouTube Channel to Her Daughter

KIDS YOUTUBE CHANNEL – A lady netizen has exposes the negative impact of the popular YouTube channel “C0c0mel0n” to her child.

A Facebook user named Jazmine Curtis has shared the story of how this kids channel affect the behavior of her beloved daughter. The post immediately spread like a wildfire online and garnered various reactions from the netizens.

Jazmin shared that her daughter Charlie loved watching videos from coco melon since she was 14 months old. The lady revealed that her daughter was a little bit tough to take care of because of her aggressive behavior.

Lady Netizen

The young mom brought her kid to the doctor to address her rage, aggression and intense emotions. She said that her child was not able to live a normal life like other children due to autism.

One time, she reads an article about a child physiologist giving a statement how “c0c0mel0n” affects the behavior of the children. The physiologist revealed that those videos acts as a drug stimulant.

It allegedly sends dopamine to the brain whenever the screen changes. Curtis decided to remove the channel from her daughter’s life and noticed some improvements afterwards.

Lady Netizen

Here is the full post:

I wasn’t planning on sharing this story but since it keeps circling social media I’d like to tell my experience with coco melon. I thought it was a great show, my daughter loved it ever since she was like 14 months old.

Charlie hasn’t been the easiest child to take care of and I thought I just was being tested with a tough child. I’d taken her to the doctors a couple times to try and figure out the rage, aggression, intense emotions and inability to do normal life things like visit family or go to the store and learning where she’s supposed to. We were settling with autism. I’ve experienced life with a lot of autistic and down syndrome people and all of the symptoms were there. Until I started reading an article that a child physiologist wrote about how cocomelon acts as a drug stimulant, sending off dopamine in her brain every time the screen changed (every 3 seconds) causing outburst when I turn the tv off, leave the house, around too many people etc.

Long story short, I’ve taken cocomelon away and her life has improved immensely. Learning so much, talking more, being more independent and willing in the store. Seriously her quality of life has done a 360. Millions of children are being diagnosed autistic or adhd at this very moment because of the side affects of this show and Charlie was about to be another one. Her doctor has noticed the positive change in her behavior as well.

Edit:I’m sick of replying to people personally, YOU CANNOT “contract” AUTISM OR ADHD FROM A SHOW. I was simply saying the EFFECTS OF THE SHOW mirror adhd and autistic behavior leading to misdiagnosis, AS WITH MY CHILD AND MANY OTHERS.

Here are some of the comments:

Lady Netizen

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