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When is the best time to water the plants?

WATERING THE PLANTS – In case you didn’t know (ICYDK), here’s the best time to water them.

watering the plants

When the pandemic struck, a lot of people ventured into planting. Some even made money out of cultivating plants from the backyard gardens.

But when do you think is the best time to water them?

Before answering that, let’s first discuss the importance of watering the plants.

Water plays a vital role in the life and survival of all plants. It is also essential in transporting nutrients from the soil.

In case you didn’t know, the very best time to water them is during the early morning.

At the time, the temperature is still cool, allowing the water to run down into the soil and eventually reach the roots of the plant without losing the water because of evaporation, which happens when a liquid turns into a gas.

Watering the plants early morning also helps to maintain the presence of water within the plants. This will help them get through the heat of the sun all throughout the day.

Apparently, a gardening myth that watering them in the morning will make them susceptible to scorch is not true.

Again, ICYDK the second-best time to water them especially in a vegetable garden is during the late afternoon or early evening.

Watering the plants in the aforementioned time cuts down evaporation and allows the plants several hours without sun to take up water into their system.

However, make sure that the leaves have a little time to dry before night comes in case you water them in the late afternoon because damp leaves at night might result in fungus problems.

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