Unilab Shares Tips on How to Spot Fake Biogesic

Unilab Gives Quick Guide on How to Spot Counterfeit Biogesic

The Pharmaceutical firm Unilab has shared several tips on how to spot fake Biogesic amid tight supply of Paracetamol brands.

Over the past few days, Paracetamol brands became one of the most controversial and discussed topics on social media due to the tight supply. Numerous pharmacies and drug stores experience shortage in supply due to high demand.

According to the reports, drug stores experienced a “temporary shortage” in supply of flu and cough medicines as well as some vitamins due to the surging cases of the coronavirus disease in the country.


The Department of Health recorded more than 17, 000 daily COVID-19 cases as of Thursday (January 6, 2022).

The Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez clarified that there is no shorage in supply of Paracetamol brands. He explained that it was due to delay of shipment and a matter of replenishment.

Lopez also assured the public that drug manufacturers will replenish the supply of medicines within the week. Eh ensued the consumers that the production will meet the demand.


Unfortunately, fraudsters are taking advantage of the surge in demand and started to create fake or counterfeit medicines including the famous Paracetamol brand “Biogesic”.

Unilab gives a quick guide to the public on how to spot the differences between counterfeit and original Biogesic.

“We understand that many are concerned about the authenticity of the medicines they’ve purchased. Here is a quick guide on how to spot key differences between fake and authentic Paracetamol (Biogesic). If you are unsure about the authenticity, or want to report a fake/counterfeit Unilab product, contact us at (02) 8864-5221 or at [email protected]. Remain vigilant and buy your healthcare products only from trusted drugstores and retailers!” 

Here are the differences:

  • Tablet Color – Fake products have brighter or paler color than usual
  • Product pocket – Authentic drugs have well-fit cavity while counterfeit medicines have bigger cavity
  • Pattern – original has diamond pattern while fake has dotted patterns
  • Packaging Color – Fake has lighter or darker color while the original packaging is standard blue
  • Unilab Seal – Authentic watermarks can only be seen in certain angles

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